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World War II History in Lockhart River

During World War II, a large bomber base was set up by the United States Army Air Corp at Lockhart River with four airstrips operating, playing a critical strategic role for American and Australian Military Forces. The current Lockhart River Airport is located on one of the original runways, and the location of former Air Force campsites, administration facilities, demolition storage facilities, the cookhouse and bunkers can still be identified.

The US bombers would fly to the Coral Sea battles and be met by their fighter escorts based at Bamaga and Horn Island further north. Many thousands of troops, both US and Australian passed through as part of their jungle training before being shipped to SE Asia. Portland Road community, 40 km north of Lockhart River, with its large jetty, was the supply port for the war effort. The jetty has since been removed.

The Iron Range Cabins cabins are named individually after World War II American bomber aircraft, reflecting the significant role of the Lockhart River airport during the War.

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