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Community Housing

Community housing in Lockhart River are owned by the Lockhart River Aboriginal Shire Council on behalf of the Queensland Government.  The council maintains these properties through the collection of rent.  Since the introduction of the Community Housing Rent Policy for Indigenous Councils by the Queensland Government in 2013, the way rent is calculated has changed significantly.  Prior to these changes, rents were set a flat rate depending on the size of the home.  Now, rents are calculated at 25% of the total weekly earnings of each household, although some income streams are not assessable and others are assessed at a lower rate.  Whilst there are caps in place to ensure that rents are not in excess of the maximum rental rate set for each dwelling, this new policy has resulted in many people within Lockhart River struggling financially, particularly with the higher costs of food, fuel and services within the community.

Employees of the Lockhart River Shire Council will continue to pay a subsidised rate for rent.

Some properties within the Lockhart River Aboriginal Shire Council are subject to rate assessment and payment. If you are unsure, please check with the council on 07 4060 7144.

Funding for the building of additional homes and the renovation of existing ones is limited as it must be sourced through grants from the Queensland Government.

Whilst requests for maintenance and renovation jobs must be submitted to Building and Asset Services (BAS) in the first instance, it is the council’s Housing Maintenance team which conducts the work.  This is fantastic for the community as it enables jobs to remain in the community and gives young people a chance to learn a trade.

Contact Details

Cairns Office

Phone:  07 4031 0155
Fax:  07 4031 5720
Address:  7 Anderson St , Manunda QLD 4870

Contact Details

Lockhart River Office

Phone: 07 4060 7144
Fax: 07 4060 7139
Address: Maathuy Street, Lockhart River QLD 4892