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Lockhart River Youth Services

The future of Lockhart River community lies with our youth, and we are committed to doing everything we can to provide opportunity and advancement for each and every child and youth within our community.

Council’s Youth Services program, under the direction of two very dedicated Youth workers, is ensuring our kids have the best possible guidance and activities to advance their education, safety, social skills and wellbeing.

There are numerous sport and recreational activities organised through the program, including volleyball, cricket, basketball, pool, arts and crafts initiatives, movie and disco nights.

We aim to keep our children and youth in school five days a week; this is essential for their future, and we place great importance on education.  Incentive to attend and reward for effort and achievement is provided by the reward of such fun activities as camping trips and other initiatives fully organised and managed by our youth leaders.

“Our focus is on getting the kids active, making friends, thinking for themselves, eating healthily and feeling safe, and confident that they have someone they can confide in.”

KrystalYouth Coordinator

The Youth Centre provides facilities for kids who don’t have lunch at school to make something for themselves using the groceries purchased by the program, encouraging independence and preventing them from going back to class hungry.

The Youth workers, both Lockhart River born and educated, provide sound mentors for the youth in the programs.  Students often bring their concerns to the Youth Centre, and there’s always an empathetic ear and sound advice.

The service can provide referrals to professional support should youth require additional services and support.

“We’re teaching them what’s right and wrong, caring for each other, and most importantly we’re keeping them occupied and off the streets, preventing them from getting bored, because when they’re bored, that’s when kids get into trouble.”

Steven BallyYouth Assistant

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Krystal Dean

Youth Services



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