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Council Training Programs

By providing training to its employees, the Council increases its capacity to achieve long-term goals and to meet the ongoing needs of the community. Training can benefit both individual employees and the Council by improving motivation, commitment and retention.

There are two standard training programs that run concurrently to support students who have completed secondary education and wish to pursue a career:

  1. Apprenticeship training through work placement; and
  2. Years 10 – 12 Student Work Placement.

Apprenticeship Training

Apprenticeship Training is provided to enthusiastic staff who wish to achieve a trade qualification.  The evaluation and assessment of the training is provided by an RTO with qualified trades staff supervising the trainees on site (work place). This program has been successful with community members becoming qualified trades in Carpentry, Plumbing and Diesel Mechanic.

Years 10 – 12 Student Work Placement

Years 10 – 12 Student Work Placement was an initiative from Cr Wayne Butcher in his first term as Mayor.  This program allows for the younger community members who are currently away in boarding schools.  These students return to the community during the school holidays and are engaged to work in various departments.  This incentive is to empower the younger community members and allow them to experience working life as well as creating a sense of responsibility as future role models in the community.  Students who have commenced in this program have also successfully gone onto Apprenticeship training.

Staff Training and Development

All employees receive opportunities to undertake training to increase Council productivity and to improve its staff’s personal skills and knowledge.

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