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Lockhart River Animal Management

The Lockhart River Aboriginal Shire Council takes animal management very seriously.  Strict bylaws regarding animal management have been implemented and are strictly enforced by the Council’s Local Law Enforcement Officer.  These bylaws have been introduced to assist council and the community to understand their obligations.

All dogs in Lockhart River must be registered.  The council’s job is to protect residents and visitors from stray dogs and animals such as horses and cattle, and to ensure the welfare of all animals within the shire.  It is up to the owners to ensure their dogs are properly cared for and looked after.

Whist many residents do take very good care of their dogs, others are neglectful resulting in animals being undernourished and riddled with parasites and disease.  Many neglected and unwanted dogs in the community have been put down since the introduction of the new bylaws so the vast majority of the dogs remaining in the town are much wanted and cared for family pets.

The council organises regular vet visits to Lockhart River.  During these visits, female dogs are given contraception and all dogs are provided with tick and flea collars and worming treatments.  Dogs with injuries are treated accordingly.

All stray dogs will be immediately impounded.  Dogs not collected after four days will be put down.

The council is also investigating ways to remove horses from the township so they are close to town and accessible by their owners but not actually kept in town.

Animal management issues can be reported to the Local Law Enforcement and Environmental Health Officer on 07 4060 7380.

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Animal Management


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