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Lockhart River Arts Centre

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The Lockhart River Art Centre is home to the famous ‘Art Gang’. Formed in 1995, the Art Gang is comprised of local artists spanning many generations who work out of the Centre to produce stunning works of art across many media including acrylic painting, ceramics, weaving and carving. Artists from the Gang have received international recognition for their works and many have had the opportunity to travel throughout Australia and overseas to display them.

Initially conceived in 1995 as a means for providing work readiness experience across a range of fields, including visual arts, for post-primary students within the Lockhart River community, the Art Gang has evolved to become a vital group of experienced, talented artists who use art to tell the stories from their traditional countries.

The group started by concentrating on the production of fine art printmaking.  From here, artists began to experiment with other media and soon they were developing very personalised styles, which drew attention from art aficionados from across the globe.

“These young Aboriginal artists were born into a contemporary world of inherent cross-culturalism and dynamic information exchange, and their aesthetic outlook reflects this world. All of their art is about Sandbeach people and place, but this communal bond is expressed in various styles ranging from naïve landscape and reference to traditional iconography to figurative expressionism, abstract fields of colour and linear minimalism.”

‘Our Way’ Education Kit, The University of Queensland Art Museum

Lockhart River Arts Centre is registered with Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporation (ORIC) as Lockhart River Arts Indigenous Corporation.


Artworks can be purchased directly at the Lockhart River Arts Centre in the Community. The following Australian galleries range and sell Lockhart River Artworks; Art Mob Aboriginal Fine Art Gallery in Hobart Tasmania, KickArts Contemporaty Gallery in Cairns, Suzanne O’Connell Gallery in Brisbane, Art Atrium Gallery in Sydney, Sandra Bardas Art Gallery at Worawa Aboriginal College Victoria and Japinga Aboriginal Art Gallery Fremantle in Western Australia.

In the United States of America; Booker Lowe Gallery in Houston Texas.

In Europe; Arts d’Australie in Paris. In 2019 new galleries in  will be added in Belgium, England and Germany.

Plans are underway to open the e-commerce sales through the online shop platform through the art centre’s current website.

The Art Centre also participates annually at the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair every July and at the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair every August.

For more information log on to and navigate to the shop.

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Lockhart River Art Indigenous Corporation


07 4060 7341


1 Piiramo Street, Lockhart River, QLD 4892

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Cairns Office

Phone:  07 4031 0155
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Lockhart River Office

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Address: Maathuy Street, Lockhart River QLD 4892