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Disaster Management

Lockhart River is located in one of the most beautiful parts of the Cape.  Its isolation has protected the many natural wonders of the area such as rare bird and plant life.  This isolation, however, can also cause difficulties accessing outside assistance during times of disaster.

From November to April, Lockhart can experience extreme storms and flooding events, whilst from July to October, the dry countryside increases the risk of bushfires which damage our country and generate smoke, which can affect the health of some people.

These events are common and are part of life for the people of Lockhart River, however, there are many things that can be done to reduce the effects that these events can have on our community.  Through careful prior planning and identification of issues that are likely to arise during a disaster event, steps are taken to put infrastructure and systems in place to ensure damage and risks to our people’s health and wellbeing are minimalized.

Lockhart River’s Disaster Management Plan is a comprehensive document that identifies risks and possible hazards and provides the Local Disaster Management Group with information about how to manage risk and deal with hazards and disasters; before, during and after the event.

Lockhart River Community has its own State Emergency Service (SES) and Rural Fire Service.

Contact Details

Cairns Office

Phone:  07 4031 0155
Fax:  07 4031 5720
Address:  7 Anderson St , Manunda QLD 4870

Contact Details

Lockhart River Office

Phone: 07 4060 7144
Fax: 07 4060 7139
Address: Maathuy Street, Lockhart River QLD 4892