Water & Sewage

Since 2011 and the completion of a $3.93 million overhaul of Lockhart River’s water infrastructure, the residents of the town have had access to a reliable potable water supply.  The installation of new pipelines and valves, fire hydrants, improved ground water storage, replacement of the pump system to improve water pressure and installation of 140 water metres for houses and other buildings, has significantly improved water quality and pressure to all homes and public buildings.  The unit has three full time employees who ensure that any risks to the quality of the water and integrity of the infrastructure are quickly fixed.

Even though Lockhart River experiences an average of 2.1 metres of rainfall each year, community members are asked to be waterwise and report any leaks or faults to either QBuild (for residential issues) or the council’s Engineering Services (07 4060 7144) for problems with community infrastructure.

Every home in Lockhart River is connected to the main sewerage system. The Lockhart River Aboriginal Shire Council repairs, replaces and maintains sewerage infrastructure, including the associated fittings inside your home and from the sewerage treatment plant to houses.

Any faults or issues with sewerage infrastructure must be reported immediately to QBuild (if the problem is inside your home) or telephone the council’s Engineering Services on 07 4060 7144 for issues outside of your home.

Statewide Water Information Management (SWIM)

Each year Council collates and supply significant volumes of data on water and sewerage services to numerous State and Commonwealth agencies.