Roads & Bridges

The Lockhart River Aboriginal Shire Council’s Engineering Services Department ensures that all of the roads within its area of responsibility, essentially those within the Lockhart River community, are sealed and well maintained.

Road access to the community is, however, via unsealed, gravel roads which requires those using them to take extreme care and drive according to the prevailing road conditions which can vary significantly depending on environmental factors such as heavy rainfall.

Lockhart River has two seasons; wet and dry.  During the dry season (generally between June to mid-November), roads linking Lockhart River to Cairns, Coen, Weipa, Portland Roads and Bamaga are usually accessible.  Between December and May, however, heavy rains brought in by the monsoons will cause roads to be impassable.  It is not uncommon for the Lockhart River community to be inaccessible by road for many months of the year.

Four-wheel drive vehicles are the most reliable form of vehicular transport in Cape York Peninsula and often are the only way of getting in and out of Lockhart River by road.

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