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The future and viability of any society rests on access to targeted educational programs and the support of these by parents and the wider community.  Lockhart River is no different.  As a community, we have recognised the importance of our children receiving a quality education that emphasises numeracy and literacy whilst embracing our local culture and language.

To make this happen, as a community, we need to make sure that our children are properly fed, clothed and rested so they can make the most of their educational opportunities.  We need to give our children the best opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills they need to become the community leaders of the future and continue the valued traditions of our people whilst driving employment opportunities and strengthening our community.

Our children all need to be ‘Five day a week’ students.  Each day away from school has an impact on learning.  Each day away makes it harder to catch up.  Each day away is a day that can never be found again.  Each day counts, so getting our kids to school is vitally important.

We currently have about 120 students attending our local educational facilities.  Most are in the kindergarten, prep and primary programs, as the majority of students in years 8 to 12 go away to boarding school or attend other secondary programs outside of Lockhart River.  Whilst this is hard for families, it is an important step in gaining a strong education.

The best way to ensure the educational success of our children is to become involved with the school and have strong relationships with our teachers.  For more information about you can get involved and the Lockhart River State School in general, please contact the school principal by phone on 07 4083 3888 or by email via