Library & Internet

The Lockhart River Library offers so much more than just the traditional services libraries are known for.  Whilst the centre features an amazing array of good books and internet terminals, the library is also home to the Indigenous Knowledge Centre (IKC).  The library and the IKC are tasked with:

  • Creating digital records of the traditional knowledge of our people
  • Storing and displaying important historical artefacts from our people
  • Providing access to educational digital materials for students and non-students
  • Maintaining facilities to provide reliable access to:
    • Internet banking and shopping
    • essential video conferencing using Skype or other related facilities at a selected time of the week
  • Providing Email, fax and printing services
  • Facilitating computer literacy classes and other educational activities


Library management does not allow access to the following:

  • Any form of pornography, idle sitting, foods, drinks, chatting and noise
  • Any activities that make the regular scheduled users feel uncomfortable


The Library Coordinator has the right to ask a user to leave the library at any time.

If you need to use the library exclusively as a group for an activity which is not on the regular schedule, please book in person or by telephone.  To talk to the Library Coordinator regarding your library access needs and other library services, call 07 4060 7050.

Operating hours of the Lockhart River Library are:

Monday to Thursday
8am to 12pm and 1pm to 4.30pm

8am to 12 noon

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