Kutini-Payamu (Iron Range) National Park surrounds the Lockhart River Township.  The park is of international significance as it contains the largest remaining area of lowland rainforest in Australia, and various bird species found only in this area.  Home to a number of rare bird and plant species, the park attracts academics, researchers and tourists from around the globe.

For visitors seeking to travel off gazetted roads and outside National Park boundaries onto traditional country, it is a cultural and legal imperative that permission is sought and granted from the Traditional Owners.  Whilst visiting traditional country, there are range of important cultural protocols which must be adhered to and the Traditional Owners are able to share this information whilst also providing an insight into the special value the area has to them.

If you are intending to travel off gazetted roads and outside of national park boundaries onto traditional country, contact the Lockhart River Aboriginal Shire Council’s Cultural Liaison Officer on 07 4060 7000.