Elected Members and Portfolios

‘Strong Culture, Strong Puuya, Strong Future’ is the strategic vision the council is striving to achieve under the leadership of the Mayor and Councillors of Lockhart River Aboriginal Shire Council. Your Mayor and Councillors are elected to serve you on the council. They will listen and together work with the community to make Lockhart River a better place to live in.

Cr. Wayne Butcher
Mayor:  Cr Wayne Butcher Portfolio: Education, governance, and Infrastructure Having grown up in Lockhart River, Cr Wayne Butcher is Lockhart-focused and passionate about continuing to build on the strengths of his people and his community.  Mayor since 2012, Cr Butcher is focused on improving the educational and employment opportunities for the Lockhart community as he sees both as being integral to the continued development and long term success of the community as a whole.  As a previous Councillor and Council Clerk, Cr Butcher is well acquainted with the challenges the community faces from economic, education, geographic and social isolation, however, his qualifications and experience in the field of community development, make him well placed to work with the community to develop and implement new ideas and strategies to continue to strengthen the people and the shire so close to his heart. Register of Interest – Cr Wayne Butcher 14-15
Cr Norman Bally
Deputy Mayor:  Cr Norman Bally Portfolio: Law and Order, Men’s Group, Land & Sea, and Sport & Rec A previous Council Chairman and Alternate Governing Committee Member of the Cape York Land Council Aboriginal Corporation, Cr Bally has been working hard to represent the people of Lockhart River for many years.  Active in his community, Cr Bally is the Local Lockhart River Coordinator and Music Mentor of the Community Building through Music project with the goal of engaging the men of Lockhart River and building their confidence, cultural creativity and skills through interaction with music and the musical process.  Cr Bally brings to his portfolio of Housing, Infrastructure, Roads, Parks and Gardens, knowledge and ideas gained from years of working within his community and getting to know that needs and dearest wishes of community members.Register of Interest – Cr Norman Bally 15/09/16
Cr Karen Koko: Economic Development, Employment and Training, and Child Safety –
Cr Dorothy Hobson Portfolio: Youth, Sports and Recreation Register of Interest – Cr Dorothy Hobson 28/04/16
Cr. Darren Macumboy Portfolio: Housing, Home Ownership, and Health Register of Interest Cr Darren Macumboy 22/11/17