Lockhart River Art Centre

The Lockhart River Art Centre is home to the famous ‘Art Gang’. Formed in 1995, the Art Gang is comprised of local artists spanning many generations who work out of the Centre to produce stunning works of art across many media including acrylic painting, ceramics, weaving and carving. Artists from the Gang have received international recognition for their works and many have had the opportunity to travel throughout Australia and overseas to display them.

The Art Gang’s works are available for purchase from the Lockhart River Art Centre. Visitors will also discover other unique pieces such as uunyas (baskets), Giddy Giddy beads, postcards featuring artists’ work and a range of publications.

For more information about the artists and the Lockhart River Art Centre, contact them via your preferred method:

Web http://www.lockhartriverart.com.au
Email: contact@lockhartriverart.com.au
Telephone: 07 4060 7341
Facebook: Lockhart River Art Indigenous Corporation
Lockhart River Arts Indigenous Corporation
1 Piiramo Street
Lockhart River
Queensland 4892

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For those unable to visit the Art Centre in person, the galleries listed below display and sell works created by the members of the Art Gang.

Alcaston Gallery

Artists: Irene Namok, Cheryl Accoom, Lawrence Omeenyo, Evelyn Omeenyo, Naomi Hobson
11 Brunswick Street
Fitzroy Victoria 3065 Australia
P: 03 9418 6444
03 9418 6444
E: art@alcastongallery.com.au
W: http://www.alcastongallery.com.au

emerge ART SPACE
2/827 Beaufort Street
Inglewood WA 6052 Australia
P: 08 9271 6459
A/H: 0417 184 638 (Sherri Staltari)
E: admin@emerge-art.com.au
W: http://www.emerge-art.com.au/

KickArts Cairns
96 Abbott Street
Cairns QLD Australia
P: 07 4050 9496
E: shopsupervisor@kickarts.org.au
Booker-Lowe Gallery
4623 Feagan Street
Houston, Texas 77007 USA
P: 713.880.1541
E: bookerlowegalleryart@comcast.net
W: http://www.bookerlowegallery.com/welcome.html

ReDot Fine Art Gallery
Tanjong Pagar Distripark
39 Keppel Road, Unit #02-06 Singapore
P: +65 6222 1039
E: info@redotgallery.com